One place keeping you connected to everything Cape first Church

During this time in America, we know you want to stay connected to your Cape First Church family. That's why we've created this page. It will stay updated full of resources, videos, interactive handouts, how-to videos, etc. This will be one place that you and your entire family can come to see the latest resources available.


We believe that our faithfulness in giving is more important that ever. Because of your generosity, we are able to do so much during this time. Things like, providing food for healthcare workers, making masks for those inside hospitals, and so much more. WE also are seeing over 1,100 homes tune in to live-stream services and over 6,000 homes tune in to Discovering Life TV program. 


Find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it. That's what this moment is. Are you ready to serve during this time of great need? We are constantly working to find needs in our community and facilitate help to support it. When we find a need, we will communicate with you as to how you can serve. Please fill out the form via the button below and you will be added to the list.


Cape First Church is committed to helping your entire family stay engaged during the week. Every day we are putting out content for kids, teens, young adults, and grown ups! We are excited about what God is doing in the life of our church and we believe this content will help you in your daily walk with Christ!
See the picture below for a full schedule of what's happening.
The logo next to each line is the platform in which is originally posted.


We know your kids want to stay engaged with Kids Life and their favorite Kids Life Pastor! We are constantly updating with new episodes and bringing you the best content for your young ones!


Kids Life Online Experience is our way for your child to still have a church service! We hope that your kids enjoy watching as much as our team enjoying making!


At our House of Hope location, we have what we call Super Wednesday! It's a time that hundreds of kids come to that location and have fun learning about Jesus. But don't worry, any kid can watch these and enjoy them, even if they don't normally attend Super Wednesday.


areaONE is our Youth Ministry that meets at every Cape First location. Each day they are releasing 60 second devotionals from all of the areaONE Pastors. Check out "weonechurch" on Instagram to see more! You can also find them on Facebook!


REMIX is Cape First's College and Young Adult ministry. It means every Monday night at our Silver Springs location. During this time, REMIX is utilizing social media to stay connected with each other. Hit the links to go to REMIX's social accounts!


Every Sunday, we broadcast LIVE at 9am and 11am CST.
Those services can be found at
If you missed a service, you can find them on our Youtube channel!


This Life Group Semester we debuted the Freedom Life Group. So many of you have taken the opportunity to jump in and be a part. Just because we can't gather physically doesn't mean this class ends. You can find the weeks below to stay up to date, as well as the handouts. Simply print them at home and add them to your folder.
Handout Downloads

Prayer Request

We want to pray with you and for you. Use the links below to submit your need. You can submit a "Public" need that is sent to our Prayer Team to pray over or you can submit a "Private" need that is sent to our Staff Pastoral Team.