The Project

The Project is the recent expansion at the Silver Springs location. One of the most important questions to ask about any building project is WHY? The WHY for our Cape First Family is very easy to answer. The obvious WHY is that we need the additional space for continued and expanded ministry to our church family and our community.

The Plan

+ The Project will be approximately 21,000 square feet of new construction located on the east side of our current facility on Silver Springs Road, in Cape Girardeau.

+ It will include a High School size gymnasium, a fitness room, an auditorium (250 seating), a fireside area, serving kitchen, restrooms with showers and storage.

+ The building will be connected across the front of our current building so access can be made from anywhere in the building.

+ A new canopy will be constructed for easy unloading and pickup as well. Renovation of our current lobby, hall ways and sanctuary, which will include new carpeting, new chairs in the sanctuary, and new audio/video equipment, as well as new paint on all the exterior of the building.

The Payment

The estimated cost of The Project is $3,245,151.00.

We have just over $1,000,000 in an account from the recent sale of our property located on Old Hopper Road. We have two goal levels.

Your Part

Thank you for using Cape First’s online giving option for your support of The Project.

+ UNDERSTAND THE WHY  Know that you can ask any question at any time about the Project.
+ COMMUNICATE  the Vision to those in your area of influence.
+ PRAY  Prayer is a vital part of any endeavor.
+ INVEST  Make a financial commitment over the next 36 months that will reflect your faith and value for this vision.

**Other than the normal ways of giving, we can help you with more creative ways such as stocks, bonds, trusts, real-estate transfers, donation of goods, etc. If you have any questions or would like to meet privately with our Project Representative to explore your options, please contact the church office at 573-334-4421 and we will arrange an appointment at your convenience.