You may be asking “Why should I become a member? Isn’t it enough that I just attend and support the church?” 
We have answers! Because membership is more than just saying you're a member. There is biblical reasoning and just life reasons to become a member of the church.

Both in our theology and practices, we must understand “the big C” and “the little c” when it comes to the Lord’s Church. We belong, through salvation, to “the big C,” i.e. the one, true Church made up of all believers, of all times, or, as described “from every nation, kindred, people, and tongues,” (Revelation 7:9). Always keeping that in view is vital.

However, the New Testament clearly makes the case for “the little c,” the local church, with chosen leaders and committed followers who make up a body of believers. Consider that every biblical instruction (from both Jesus and the apostles) regarding reconciliation, discipline, and the way to select ecclesiastical governance is channeled through a defined local church. Having membership in a local church body is certainly in harmony with the whole of New Testament teaching.

In today’s world, our churches experience both privilege and responsibility. Not-for-profit status, ability to issue contribution credit to donors, church property tax exemption, and other opportunities all require a legal corporation, with defined members. In most states, the acquisition of property and the securing of a financial loan for construction require “action” or approval of the defined membership, and documentation of the same.

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