SEU at Cape First Church is for students 18 and older that feel called to ministry. SEU at Cape First is designed to launch individuals into ministry, to find their purpose, and to provide a formal education. This is a unique opportunity, but we believe in people and desire to provide outlets for them to grow.
SEU at Cape First is great for a few reasons.

One; students get to stay local! We value that students have family and friends locally, a church that they are already plugged into, and a place to live. With those things in mind, students are set up for success! With SEU at Cape First, students can further your education from right where they are!

Second , SEU at Cape First is more affordable than the typical college experience. We are offering degrees that cost 23% less than the average online degree! By doing SEU at Cape First, you are saving money for your future and you’re receiving a degree from a fully accredited university.

And lastly, by taking advantage of this opportunity, students will also be gaining hands on experience within the ministries of Cape First Church. Through this opportunity, you will be teamed up with a mentor that will help you solidify your calling.

SEU at Cape First fosters an environment where purpose is identified, developed, and utilized. We are called to train and equip people to make major impact for the Kingdoms sake. Students will not only be educated and have a deeper understanding of who God is through His Word but also, you will develop lifelong relationships to guide you to the understanding and purpose of what Gods family truly embodies. 
To learn more information or to begin the process of enrollment visit: